CIFA Pumps


Placing boom B5HRZ 39/35, 5 elements, 125 mm pipe system, "RZ" fold-up system.
Sections I, II and III made in high resi stance steel. Sections IV,V made in CIFA CARBOTECH composite material.
Perfect assembling on 3 axles chassis.
Hydraulic outrigger controls on both sides of the truck.
Front "X" style diagonal outriggers with double telescopic opening and swing-out rear outriggers for a quick and easy set-up also in narrow areas.
"Load Sensing" proportional boom control.
Concrete flow rate regulator.
Safety device on opening inspection hatch.
HP-EC pumping unit with electronic closed circuit and reverse flow: superb performances, high pressures and output, smooth pumping, high reliability and easier maintenance; 9 inches S valve.