Heavy Cranes



Large cranes – from 28 to 70 ton. Load. Precision. Reach.

Do you want maximum lifting capacity and reach?
Welcome to the best productivity class, especially for trucks weighing more than 24 tons. Special features include a load sensing system (optional), twin slewing gear, continuous slewing gear and a wide range of fittings. These cranes are faster in operation than comparable mobile cranes with the same lifting capacity.
The cranes are second to none in mobility and versatility
Where strength counts
• Building materials trade
• Lifting logistics
• Container logistics
• Assembly work

* = max. reach with manual boom extension
# = max. lifting capacity at additional load hook point


AK 250.2V AK 260.2 AK 265 AK 280.2V AK 290.2 AK 300 AK 300V AK 332.3 AK 345V AK 380.3
AK 440.2V AK 600.2 AK 620.3 AK 630 AK 650 AK 760 AK 800 AK 955 AK 990