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Boom Systems

Con Forms provides all the needed pipe, elbows, and accessories to re-boom your concrete pump truck. We support all manufacturers of pump trucks focusing on total customer satisfaction by providing a complete, high quality; custom painted and crated system to your door. Whether you demand the high performance of a Twin Wall to the value of Single Wall we can supply a complete engineered system to meet your budget.

Lay-Down Systems

Complete engineered and supported systems designed to provide the safety and quality demanded on today's modern jobsites. Con Forms has been the leader in the use and application of Lay-Down pipe and related products supporting single trailer pump customers to the very largest contractors in the Concrete Pumping Industry.

Abrasion-Resistant Pipe

Look to Con Forms for the largest selection of long-life, abrasion-resistant pipe systems. From 2" to 6" I.D. - even larger by special order - Con Forms pipe systems set the standards for performance, durability and value.

Elbows & Bends

CCI-lined elbows with CCI ends provide maximum life and are ideal for high-abrasion mixes. Cast versions are also available. Custom pipe bends, hardened or non-hardened, can be ordered in virtually any angle or end configuration.

Steel Reducers

Whether hardened or chrome carbide insert-lined, Con Forms reducers match the performance characteristics of our pipe systems. Available in diameters and end configurations for any pump, in straight lengths up to 120". Reducing elbows are also available.


Con Forms hose, fabricated to customer specifications, is available in diameters up to 6" for any pumping requirement. Choose high-pressure S2 and N2 wire-reinforced hose for booms, S1 and N1 hose for discharge us, or Flex Bond textile hose for shotcrete and other lower-pressure applications
Our exclusive Ruff-Neck™ reducing hose, used at the boom tip offers unique advantages, maintaining air entrainment and reducing troublesome boom bounce. Available in 5" to 4" or 5" to 3" tapers. For the ultimate in flow control, combine with an Air-Cuff™ hose shut-off.

Couplings & Gaskets

From 1.25" through 14" Con Forms has couplings and associated gaskets to meet the need. Snap, bolt and socket head types are available in metric and Hevi-Duty™ styles. Swivel couplings and gaskets are
another Con Forms specialty. For small line, our exclusive Flared-End™ system provides Hevi-Duty performance with lighter weight.

Backend Kits

Chrome carbide insert-lined components create a pre-engineered, exceptionally wear-resistant package designed to lower operation costs by reducing changeover-related downtime. Our kits include the appropriate elbows and reducer to fit standard Schwing or Putzmeister pumps.
Ends and Adaptors
Con Forms manufactures a complete line of adapters from 1.25" through 6" for all common end types. Weld-on ends are stocked in Hevi-Duty™, metric, Twin-wall™, male/female, and swivel configurations through 8" diameter, with large sizes available by special order.

Custom-Engineered Placing Devices

High-production placing systems from Con Forms provide greater control over flow and material usage, improve quality and streamline processes on major bridge, deck and tunnel projects. Available in powered and manual configurations, Con Forms placers are professionally designed and custom-built for maximum performance in specific application conditions.


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