Precast Concrete Cranes

Copma cranes are simple and strong, the best combination for moving your precast pieces.


Low- Zero Electronics- With almost zero electronics you will never have to worry about being stuck with a piece hanging in the air because your electrical system failed. Most COPMA cranes can be ordered with low to zero electronics but in bigger cranes or if you want or need the high tech electronics, we can get them on all COPMA cranes. On COPMA's non electronic cranes, an all hydraulic overload system is used instead of the complicated electronic computers used by our competitors. These Hydraulic overload systems are almost bullet proof and easily repaired. We use these systems because most of our customers are just moving their precast pieces on and off the truck, we aren't rocket scientists, so why should it take one to troubleshoot your crane. 

High Strength Steel- All COPMA cranes use high strength steel that complies with American ASME B30.22 standards. These are the same standards almost all other cranes are built too. 

Continuous Rotation- All COPMA cranes from 28 tons and up have optional continuous rotation. 

Galvinizing- We are galvanizing the beds we use for precast concrete units and using ruberized lumber instead of wood in order to stop corosion and increase the longevity of your bed. 

View more pictures of Precast Cranes: HERE.

Truck Mounted Copma 650.4- 10,800lbs. @36'11"

Truck Mounted Copma 510.3- 9,757lbs. @32'8"


Trailer Mounted Copma 360.3- 7,250lbs. @32'10"

Truck Mounted Copma 78.4- 1,100lbs. @36'5" (6,940lbs. @6'7")

There are currently no products posted. Please check back soon.