Medium Cranes


Medium cranes – from 8 to 24 ton. Flexible. Compact. Sensitive.

Fitted with state-of-the-art technology and very reliable - this is what distinguishes our cranes from the others.
Fitted with (e)LMplus technology an extra 18% lift is possible. Atlas offers cranes with optimized technology and a variety of equipment.
A class in itself – in operation too

• Landscaping
• Building materials trade
• General Construction
• Material handling

* = max. reach with manual boom extension
# = max. lifting capacity at additional load hook point


Click on any of the Atlas crane sizes to see the specification sheet for that particular model

AK 88.3 AK 95.2 AK 96.3 AK 104.3V AK 105.2 AK 105.2V AK 105.2T AK 116.3 AK 116.3T AK 118.2V
AK 120.2 AK 125.2 AK 125.2V AK 126.3 AK 129.3V AK 130.2V AK 135.2 AK 135.2V AK 145.2 AK 145.2D
AK 145.2V AK 152.3 AK 165.2 AK 165.2V AK 170.2 AK 170.2V AK 172.3 AK186.3 AK 186.3V AK 190.2
AK 206 AK 206.3V AK 210.2 AK 210.2V AK 240.2 AK 240.2V