Precast Concrete

As one of the leading manufacturers in the truck-mounted loader crane segment in Germany we offer a comprehensive range of products and have a suitable solution for many needs.
We supply more than 45 different base versions and a large number of varieties regarding capacity, reach and features as well as attachment tools which are uncomplicated and easy to fit, providing our customers with technology that impresses with effectiveness, comfort, power, and safety.
Of course all our machines comply with the regulations of the new machinery directive for loader cranes.

Atlas 260

Max. Reach : 68.3 ft (20.80 m) 
Load moment : 173327 ft-lb  (235 kNm)


Atlas 380
Max. Reach : 68.9 ft (21.00 m)
Load moment : 269,210 lb-ft  (365 kNm)


Atlas 620
Max. Reach : 72 ft. (22m)
Load moment : 421,148 ft-lb (571 kNm)


Atlas 990
Max. Reach : 59.9 ft (18.21m)
Load moment : 656,430 ft-lb (890 kNm)