Placing Booms

A new tendency for a "vertical" building construction is spreading world wide. New buildings, characterized by an architecture which few years ago would be considered not even feasible, appear today as the cue to unique, innovative, high technology solutions able to adapt to each project singularity. In the worldwide scenario CIFA placing booms play a main role to increase on site productivity, pouring high standards and an outstanding reduction of time.

CIFA placing booms: a guarantee of flexible performance

The KT series placing booms have optimal kinematics (directly derived from truck-mounted boom), wide angular movements and extremely precise proportional commands. The first sections can be split in halves to better adapt boom weight to lifting devices available on site.
Sizes ranging from 28m- 66m.
For information on specific sizes of placing booms, contact us at Irving Equipment: 419.448.9891 or