CIFA Pumps


Management System

Different control systems can be chosen for max safety when using the truck mounted pump.

LSC (Light Stability Control)

To work in full safety with all the outriggers completely opened.
Available for:
Classic Series

Steeltech Series (Open Loop pumping unit)


Thank to the  CAN bus wiring, the system is able to make a complete diagnosis for all the pump components, possible anomalies are immediately indicated. The display shows all the components working or active during pumping such as cylinders, hydraulic pumps, valves, lights and accessories. The system can  be updated easily with a simple upload.

Available for:
K31L - K35L - K37L - K41L - K48 - K58L

  • ASC (Advanced Stability control)
  • Pressure diagnosis
  • Complete management control
  • Touch rear panel