For over 50 years COPMA has been a leading Italian crane manufacturer paving the way not just in technology but in solutions to the real problems that operators face. In the U.S. Copma offers rugged cranes with minimal electronics to combat the harsh road and working conditions we face in this market. While Copma still offers highly advanced cranes with lots of electronic capabilities such as remote accessibility for diagnostics and automatic boom controls, the majority of the cranes here do not need these. Irving Equipment has teamed up with Copma to deliver the best solution to your lifting needs and give each customer the best tool to complete their jobs. The majority of our cranes can be ordered with almost zero electronics including all hydraulic overloads to increase the life span and ease of maintenance on each crane.

Irving Equipment has a long history in knuckle boom and drywall cranes with over 150 years of combined experience in just our head personnel. We put all of this knowledge and know-how to work on every unit, in order to keep delivering exactly what our customers need. We offer full in house engineering, machining, fabrication, and support for every package from start to finish.

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