Medium Cranes

Cranes with lifting capacity up to 21.3 tm. They are suitable for demanding jobs and many different applications. On all models in this range we implemented several technological innovations resulting in increased power and weight reduction. The proper implementation of electronics management increases the accuracy and safety in all operating conditions. The extensive standard fitted equipment makes this range particularly versatile. An absolute innovation in the medium range class is the configuration up to 7 hydraulic extensions which provides you with unprecedented outreach when compared to similar models available in the market place. The medium-sized cranes range includes PM Series from 16 up to 40.5 SP.

PM 16PM 16.5 SPM 17.5 PPM 18 SPPM 19
PM 21PM 21.5 SPM 23 PPM 23.5PM 24 PX
PM 26.5 SPM 27.5 SPXPM 28.5 SPPM 30.5 SPPM 32.5 SPX
PM 36.5 SPM 38.5 SPPM 40.5 SP