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Crane Attachments

Heiden is continually building unique quality crane attachments for clients. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss the parts you see here, or possible new crane attachment solutions for your needs.

Click on the name of the crane attachment to see more information about it.

Bypass Grapple   
Railroad Tie Butt Grapple   
Butt Grapple   
Small Bypass Grapple   
Railroad Grapple   

Trash Grapple HC20

Trash Grapple HC60

Pallet Fork   
Wallboard Fork   
Material Handling Fork   
Clam Bucket   
Roofers Clam Bucket   
Hoisty Hopper   
Roof Hopper   
Super Dumper Box   

  RSV Rotators   Baltrotor Rotators

    R5 G-1                GR-465

    R7 B-11              GR-55MF

    R7 H-1              GR-104DB

Remote Power Pack